Merge subfolders between streams

If you have a large stream with many conflicting changes, it may be easier to merge smaller subfolders one at a time.

Merging subfolders is also useful if your folder structure separates repository contents between components and owners.

Use the following methods to merge multiple subfolders:

  • Merge all subfolders one at a time into the target stream work area. Deliver all the merged content in one operation to the repository.

  • Merge a subfolder into the target stream work area and deliver the merged content to the repository. Repeat for the other subfolders. This method is preferable for large repositories to avoid losing merge results and to isolate any merge issues that occur to smaller chunks of data. However, it may be not suitable if you need to apply all the changes to the target stream atomically, for example, to avoid the stream being in a half-merged state and breaking a continuous integration build.

To merge subfolders between streams, you select the option Limit the scope of the merge to this folder in the Merge wizard.


For details on how to merge changes, see the following topics:

Web client Merge from one stream to another
Desktop client Merge from one stream to another

If multiple folders and files were moved, to apply the changes to a target stream correctly, widen the scope of the merge to include the original and new paths. For example, the following item:


was moved to:


If you merge the subfolder /folder1/folder2, the new folder is not included in the merge. Widen the scope of the merge to folder1, which is the common parent folder of the old and new file paths.

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