Stream FAQ

This topic provides answers to some of the common questions about Dimensions CM streams.

Which operations are not available for streams?

Any commands that allow folders or items to be changed directly cannot be used in streams. This forces the user to always use Deliver to get changes into a stream.

Get, Update, and Deliver are the core commands for streams.

Here are some of the operations that are not available for streams and work areas associated with streams:

  • Check in

  • Check out

  • Revise Item

  • Edit Item

  • The Project Merge tool

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Should each developer work in their private streams?

No, as a general rule a team of developers working on a feature should share a stream. For example, a sprint team is working on a specific feature or a maintenance team is working on a patch release. However, it is good practice for a developer to create a private stream if they are working on a change that may destabilize the team’s main development stream.

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Can I mix and match streams and projects?

Yes, some teams can use streams and others use projects.

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Can I create a stream from a project?

You can create a stream only from another stream or a baseline. This avoids the potential for conflicts to be introduced into the new stream.

To create a stream based on a project, you need to create a tip baseline from the project and then create a stream from that baseline.

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Can I create a stream from a project?

No, you cannot merge a project into a stream but you can merge a stream into a project.

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How do I convert my projects into streams?

You need to create a release or tip baseline from your current development project and then create a new stream from this baseline. This new stream represents your mainline stream from which you can create a branch stream for development work.

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What happens to work areas when developers switch to using streams?

After creating a new stream based on a project, each developer needs to create a new empty work area and run the Update command on that work area before they start work.

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Can I check in, check out, get, or update items in a stream?

No, streams use optimistic locking, which enables you to check in files that were not checked out.

The only way to populate your work area is with the Update or Get commands. To add files to a stream, use the Deliver command.

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