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SV Lab Protocols

The SV Lab supports a variety of transport protocol and message format combinations:

Transport          Binary/Text XML JSON SOAP Other
HTTP/HTTPS (1)(2)(3)
Mobile API BLE (2)(3), NFC (2)
AMQP 1.0 (4)
Apache Kafka
Azure Service Bus
RabbitMQ (AMQP 0.9)


  • [1] Including REST services with JSON, XML and binary/text messages
  • [2] Android: HTTP/HTTPS, Bluetooth LE device simulation, NFC reader simulation
  • [3] iOS: HTTP/HTTPS, Bluetooth LE device simulation
  • [4] AMQP 1.0 supported using the Apache Qpid JMS library and JMS protocol

Detailed documentation

While service models are written using a protocol-independent simulation language, the service interface and virtual lab configuration are based on protocol used by virtual service.

The protocol specifics of service interface, connector and endpoint configuration are documented in following chapters:

Protocol Service Interface Lab Configuration
REST REST service interface HTTP proxy connector
SOAP SOAP service interface HTTP proxy connector
Mobile API Mobile API service interface Mobile phone configuration
Apache Kafka Kafka service interface Kafka connector
Azure Service Bus JMS service interface JMS connector (Azure)
IBM MQ JMS service interface JMS connector (MQ)
JMS JMS service interface JMS connector
MQTT MQTT service interface MQTT connector
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ service interface RabbitMQ connector

Virtual service licensing

The license consumed by virtual service in simulation or invocation mode depends on the protocol group:

  • WEB/IoT/Mobile protocols
    • HTTP/HTTP(S)
    • Mobile API
    • MQTT
    • JMS
    • IBM MQ
  • Enterprise protocols
    • Apache Kafka
    • RabbitMQ