This readme provides information to get you started with LoadRunner Professional and Virtual User Generator CE 24.1.

See the online Help Centers for LoadRunner Professional, VuGen, and LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb for the relevant documentation.

What's New Provides a list of new features and enhancements for this version.
Support Matrix Provides information on supported operating systems, technologies, integrations, and protocols.

LoadRunner Professional Installation Guide

VuGen Installation Guide

Provides information on installation and upgrade for LoadRunner Professional and VuGen (standalone installation).
Known issues Provides pre-installation notes, information on general known issues, and workarounds. (Additional information on known issues is included in the relevant sections of the Help Centers.)
Deprecated features and technologies Provides information on features, protocols, and technologies whose support was partially or fully discontinued, or will be discontinued in future versions of LoadRunner Professional.

Software Support site

Provides access to OpenText support services, support forums, knowledge base, and more.
Send feedback

You are invited to share feature suggestions, enhancement requests, or general feedback with the LoadRunner Professional team.

You can also download and install local versions of the help. For details, see Download Help Centers.