Virtual Locations Settings dialog box

This dialog box allows you to configure your virtual locations.

To access
Controller toolbar > Show Virtual Locations Settings button
Important information

To access this dialog box, you must have Network Virtualization installed on your machine.

Relevant tasks
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User interface elements

UI Element

Enable Network Virtualization

Enables network virtualization when running a scenario. Choose between the Network Virtualization emulation modes:
  • Per Group. Enables you to assign multiple virtual locations for each Vuser group, when several Vuser groups run on the same Load Generator. (Default)
  • Per Load Generator. Lets you assign a single virtual location to each load generator.

For more details, see Per group versus per load generator.

Common Settings

Opens the Virtual Location Editor that lets you specify the global settings for network virtualization. This includes packet capture details and a list of IP addresses to exclude from network virtualization, applied to all virtual locations. For details, see the Network Virtualization for LoadRunner Help.

Virtual Location list

A list of the virtual locations for network virtualization. To add a new virtual location, enter a name and optional description in the next available line.


  • Locations names cannot contain non-English characters.
  • The following Vuser protocols are not supported by the Per Group mode: Citrix ICA, Java Record/Replay, COM/DCOM and MAPI. For these protocols, specify the virtual default locations in the Load Generators dialog box. For details, see Load Generators dialog box.
Select a virtual location in the grid to use the following:

Opens the Virtual Location Editor that lets you set the properties of the selected virtual location.

For details on using this editor, see the Network Virtualization for LoadRunner Help.


Adds a new virtual location with settings identical to the selected entry.

Delete Removes the selected virtual location from the list.
Import/Export Imports or exports network virtualization settings to or from an XML file.

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Per group versus per load generator

Choose whether to assign different virtual locations the same virtual location to Vuser groups running on a load generator.

Per Load Generator mode

Applies the same virtual location to all groups running on the load generator.

Note: Not supported for NV Insights

Per Group mode
  • Enables you to assign several virtual locations to the various Vuser groups available.
  • Required for NV insights. For more details, see NV Insights Report.
  • Does not support the following protocols:

    • Citrix ICA

    • COM/DCOM

    • Java Record Replay

    • Java Vuser

    • MAPI

    • user-defined protocols based on the Protocol SDK

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