Set up your system over firewalls

The MI Listener (MIL) and Monitors Over Firewall (MOFW) setup files are provided in the LoadRunner Professional installation package's /Additional Components folder.

Note: IP addresses for over-firewall monitors and load generators display the IP address for the MI Listener, and not the actual host IP address.

To set up your system to work with firewalls:

  1. Install the over-firewall components.

    To enable over-firewall communication, ensure that you have installed the following LoadRunner Professional components:

    • MI Listener. Serves as a router between Controller and the LoadRunner Agent. You install the MIL component on a dedicated machine. To access the setup file, see Additional components and applications.

    • Note: You can also use the Controller machine as the MI Listener without the need for a separate installation. When acting as the MI Listener, the Controller machine cannot have Vusers running on it. In this case, Controller must be a pure Controller and not a Controller + load generator.

    • Monitors Over Firewall component. Used to monitor the servers that are located over a firewall. You install the MOFW component on a dedicated machine. To access the setup file, see Additional components and applications.

  2. Perform the initial configuration of the over-firewall system.

    See Set up an over-firewall deployment.

  3. Configure the LoadRunner Agent

    Configure the LoadRunner Agent on the MOFWl machine as well as on each load generator machine that will be running over the firewall, to communicate with the MIL.

    See Configure the LoadRunner Agent over firewalls.

  4. Connect Controller to the load generator and MIL machines.

    Configure Controller to recognize the load generator and MIL machines, and then verify the connection between the machines.

    See Create and verify the connection between Controller and agent machines.

  5. Define what to monitor on your servers.

    Choose the server measurements that you want your MOFW machine to monitor.

    See Set firewall monitoring preferences.

  6. Check connectivity.

    After installing and configuring all the necessary components, check that you are able to establish a connection between the LoadRunner Agent, the MIL, and the Controller machine. If you have difficulties, see Known issues for firewalls.

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