Additional components and applications

Various additional components are available, providing advanced features for working with LoadRunner Professional. You can also install additional standalone applications.

Additional components

Setup files are located in the Additional Components folder inside the root folder of your LoadRunner Professional installation package.

The table below indicates which additional components are available, and where you should install each component:

Folder Component Description Install on...
Citrix agent SetupCitrixAgent.exe

Installs the Citrix agent, which enhances VuGen’s capabilities in identifying Citrix client objects during Citrix protocol record and replay. For installation instructions, see Install the Citrix agent (optional).

The agent also enables you to use additional Citrix API functions. For details, see the Function Reference.

Citrix server
Agent for Microsoft Terminal Server SetupMSTerminalAgent.exe Installs a utility that enhances the RDP protocol’s recording mechanism in VuGen. For installation instructions, see Installing the Microsoft Terminal Server Agent. RDP server
Assembly Crawler for Analysis API AssemblyCrawlerConsole.exe Installs a command-line utility to build a .NET configuration file for an Analysis API application. For more information, see the Analysis API Reference, available from the Download Help Centers page. Analysis machine
HostID Generator licidgenerator.exe

Opens the Host ID Generator tool, that displays the computer’s host ID. This is useful when requesting a license, and for use in scripts.

Tip: You can also generate the Host ID from the command line, by running licgencli.exe.

Controller machine
Network Virtualization
  • NV4ControllerSetup.exe
  • NV4LGSetup.exe
  • NV4ControllerSetup.exe installs Network Virtualization for Controller, enabling emulation functionality.
  • NV4LGSetup.exe installs the NV Insights Report component for VuGen, and Network Virtualization for the Windows load generator machines.

For details, see the the Network Virtualization for LoadRunner Help and Network Virtualization.

Controller, VuGen, and load generator machines
IDE Add-Ins
  • Eclipse: EclipseAddin
  • IntelliJ IDEA:
  • Visual Studio:

    • LRVS2022IDEAddInSetup.exe
    • LRVS2019IDEAddInSetup.exe
    • LRVS2017IDEAddInSetup.exe

Installs add-ins for supported versions of Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, or Visual Studio, enabling you to create Vuser scripts in your standard development environment using the LoadRunner API. This integration also allows you to run the test directly from the IDE environment, to test its functionality.

For details on Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, see Create Java Vuser scripts in external IDEs.

For details on Visual Studio, see Create and view scripts in Visual Studio.

Visual Studio/ Eclipse/ IntelliJ machine with VuGen
IDE Add-Ins Dev
  • Eclipse: LREclipseIDEAddInDevSetup.exe
  • Visual Studio:

    • LRVS2022IDEAddInDevSetup.exe
    • LRVS2019IDEAddInDevSetup.exe
    • LRVS2017IDEAddInDevSetup.exe

Setup files for developer add-ins for supported versions of Visual Studio and Eclipse, enabling you to create NUnit or JUnit tests in your standard development environment using the LoadRunner API.

For details, see Create unit tests in external IDEs.

Visual Studio or Eclipse machine with VuGen
Protocol SDK

Allows you to create and distribute custom LoadRunner Professional protocols. For details, see Protocol SDK.

Any machine with Virtual Studio 2015 and WiX Toolset 3.10.3 - 3.11
SAP Tools



  • SAPGUI Spy. Examines the hierarchy of GUI Scripting objects, on open windows of SAPGUI Client for Windows.
  • SAPGUI Verify Scripting. Verifies that the SAPGUI Scripting API is enabled.

For details, see Configure the SAP environment.
VuGen machine with SAPGUI client
Third Parties Source files The folder contains the source code of some third party software components which are being used in LoadRunner Professional. N/A
Virtual Table Server SetupVTS.exe

Virtual Table Server (VTS) offers an alternative to standard LoadRunner Professional parameterization.

For details, see VTS overview.

Any machine

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Standalone applications

The following LoadRunner Professional standalone applications are available in your LoadRunner Professional installation package's /Standalone Applications folder.

Folder Component Description Install on...
Analysis Standalone SetupAnalysis.exe

Installs Analysis as a standalone application. Install this to open LoadRunner Professional results and create graphs and reports on a separate machine. For details, see Introducing Analysis.

Any machine
Load Generator SetupOneLG.exe

Installs a load generator on a Windows machine, in order to run load tests. After you install this software, you access this machine from Controller. For details, see Load generators.

Any machine
MI Listener SetupMIListener.exe

Installs the MI Listener, which servers as a router between Controller and the LoadRunner Agent. For details, see Set up your system over firewalls.

Dedicated machine
Monitors Over Firewall SetupMoFW.exe

Installs the Monitors Over Firewall component, allowing you to monitor servers located over a firewall. For details, see Set up your system over firewalls.

Dedicated machine
VuGen Standalone SetupVuGen.exe

Installs Virtual User Generator (VuGen) as a standalone application, allowing you to create scripts for a load test. For details, see Virtual User Generator Help Center (select the relevant version).

Any machine

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