Manage and install licenses

You use the License Utility to install LoadRunner Professional licenses, and to view your license information.

License Utility

To launch the License Utility, select LoadRunner License Utility in the Windows Start menu.

The License Utility displays the following information:

Host ID

Identifies the computer on which Controller is installed. You may need to provide the Host ID when purchasing new LoadRunner Professional licenses.

License Summary

Displays a list of the licenses that are installed on the computer. For details, see License Summary table.

Vuser protocols included in the selected license Displays a list of the Vuser protocols that are included in the license selected in the License Summary table.
Show invalid licenses When selected, displays installed LoadRunner Professional licenses that are invalid.
VUFDs will begin at <time> Opens a dialog box where you can select when a new day begins for the purpose of calculating VUFD usage. For details, see VUFD license.
Install New Licenses Opens the New License dialog box which enables you to install new LoadRunner Professional licenses.
Usage Analytics Opens the Usage Analytics app. For details, see Usage analytics.
Contact OpenText to purchase a new license Opens the LoadRunner Professional Pricing page, where you can purchase additional VUFDs and license bundles.

License Summary table

The table displays a list of the licenses that are installed on the computer. Click on any license in the table to display additional details about the license.

The table provides the following information:


The status of the license is indicated by an icon:

Valid License Indicates that the license is current and functional.
Invalid License

Indicates that the license is no longer valid, for one of the following reasons:

  • A Time Limited license expiration date has passed.
  • The remaining capacity of a VUFD license is zero.

Note: A license may become temporarily invalid if the License Utility detects that the system clock has been tampered with. To restore the affected licenses, reset the system clock to the current date and time.

To be Expired Indicates that the license will expire within 30 days.

A Locked license can be installed only on the machine for which it was generated (with a unique HostID), and not on any other machine.

An Unlocked license can be installed on any computer.

License Bundle

The name of the purchased License bundles. A bundle license enables Controller to run Vusers of any protocol included in the bundle. Click on a license to display a list of the Vuser protocols included in a bundle.

Note: A Partner License icon that appears to the left of a license bundle indicates that the license is for a LoadRunner Professional partner, and not for standard Vuser protocols. Partner licenses enable third-party applications to be controlled by Controller.

Type The type of license. For more information, see License types.
Expiration Date The date and time when the Time Limited or VUFDs license expires.

The capacity depends on the license Type:

License type Capacity
Time Limited Indicates the maximum number of Vusers (of the type specified by the license bundle) that can be run simultaneously from Controller.
VUFDs Indicates the number of VUFDs that remain in the license.

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Install LoadRunner Professional licenses

To run additional Vusers from Controller, you must install the appropriate LoadRunner Professional licenses on the Controller machine. If you have a valid order number or subscription (SAID), you use your license file to install the licenses.

A license file contains the license keys for one or more licenses. When you use a license file to install the new licenses, the License Utility reads the license file and extracts all the license keys that are included in the license file. You can then select which of the available licenses to install.

If you do not have a license file, you can obtain one from the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal. After signing, follow follow the onscreen instructions.

For more information or assistance, see the instructions provided in the portal's Contact Us / Self Help page.

To install a paid LoadRunner Professional license:

  1. Open the License Utility from the Windows Start menu.

  2. Click Install New Licenses.

  3. In the New License dialog box, click the Browse button and select and import your license file (XML format).

  4. Click View License File Content to display details of the licenses that are included in the license file.

  5. Select the licenses you want to install.

  6. Click Install, and then Close.

    In the License Summary table, make sure that the new licenses appear in the list of installed licenses.

  7. If Controller is running, restart it.

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