Manage assets

A test asset is an entity that defines a specific part of your load test, such as a script or a monitor.

You can manage the following test assets.

Asset Description

Learn how to manage scripts which contain the actions of a business process and form the backbone of your performance test.


Learn how to manage monitors and to make them available to tests in your project. A monitor gathers data about your servers, such as an application or web, during your load test.

Load generator assets

Learn how to add on-premises load generators to your load test.


LoadRunner Cloud agents Manage agents which connect third-party tools such as Git, streaming tools, and monitors to LoadRunner Cloud, in your tests.
Network emulations

For scripts running on cloud-based load generators, learn how to apply different real life network conditions when running a load test on an application.

Script keys If you are using a DevWeb script that includes encrypted data, you can create a script key in LoadRunner Cloud that includes the encryption key and link it to the script.
Data files Learn the advantages of using data files and how to use them

Learn how to customize an existing report layout and save it as a template for future use in your test run reports.