Hosts response

The fields in the response are:

IDThe host ID.
LabHostsThe top-level element. Contains LabHost sub elements with the elements listed below.
NameThe host name.
InstallationThe installation type:
  • Unix
  • WindowsHost
  • WindowsStandaloneLG


Can contain HostPurpose sub elements with any combination of the following:

  • Controller
  • LoadGenerator
  • DataProcessor

Note: To get hosts that have a specific purpose, but may have other purposes as well, you must surround the value with asterisks (*). For example:


StatusThe status can be:
  • Operational
  • NonOperational
  • Unavailable
Location(Optional) A valid location name defined in LAB_PPROJECT. If not provided, the default location is used.

Optional when the location is not defined as over a firewall (OFW).

When the location is an OFW location, the value should be the name of a valid MIListener that is defined in LAB_PPROJECT.


Can contain Attribute sub elements in order to set Host properties values.


Attribute value should contain Host Properties values as defined in LAB_PROJECT under Project Customization > Project Lists > Host Properties.

You can specify multiple Attribute elements using either the default host attributes (as in the example below) or any custom attribute defined by the user.

PriorityA numeric value between 1 and 9.

One of:

  • true
  • false


(Available in versions: 2021 R2 and later)

The host's source:

  • Local - A host that exists in your lab.

  • Cloud - A host from a cloud provider.

If this field is left blank, the default behavior is preserved and the host is added as Local.

IsPrivateThe privacy type of the host.

Can contain PoolID sub elements which lists the ID of the pools to which the host is assigned. If not specified, a host is added to the general pool with ID=1000.

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