Audit cloud hosts

Available in versions: 12.56 and later


Returns a list showing the status of all provisioned and deprovisioned cloud hosts.




The host data can be passed as XML containing the equivalent data.

Only Amazon EC2 is supported for provisioning cloud hosts using the REST API.

HTTP Method

GET: Returns a list showing the status of all provisioned and deprovisioned hosts.



Accept: application/xml


Version 2020 (or later)


Versions earlier than 2020


Request Body:

GET: No request body.



Content-Type: application/xml or application/json



HTML Return Code:

One of the HTTP Return Codes

Upon successful deletion, returns HTTP status 201 (Created).

HTML Body:

GET: Returns the data on all provisioned and deprovisioned hosts.

This table lists the fields in the response:

IDThe ID for the cloud audit.
AccountID The ID of the cloud account from which the host was provisioned.
CloudHostIdentifier A unique ID for the host assigned by the cloud provider.
CreditThe number of cloud credits consumed by the provisioned host.
HostID The ID of the host.
Image The machine image applied to the cloud host.

The instance type of the cloud host.

Logical NameThe hostname of the host.

The installation type of the host: WindowsHost, WindowsStandaloneLG, Unix.

LocationName The location of the host. For example, locations can be defined according to physical areas.
RequestItemIDThe cloud provider's ID for a batch of hosts within a provision request. All hosts in a batch have identical specs and configurations.
HostName The name of the host.
TerminateOperationID The ID for the terminate request.
ProvisionOperationID The ID for the provision request.
StartProvisionTimeThe UTC date and time that the provisioning started.
EndProvisionTimeThe UTC date and time that the provisioning ended.
ProvisionDurationThe amount of time the host was provisioned.

One of:

  • Active

  • Pending

  • Pending provider status checks

  • Pending status checks

  • Failed


The testing tools available on the host: LoadGenerator.


The cloud provider's ID for a single provision request. A provision request includes all requested batches of hosts. Each batch has its own Cloud Request Item ID.

TemplateNameThe name of the template used to provision the host.
AccountName The name of the cloud account from which the host was provisioned.

One of:

  • Terminated

  • Pending

StartTerminateTimeThe date and time that the deprovisioning started.
TotalIdleTime The total cloud host idle (inactivity) time.
TotalUpTime The total cloud host uptime.

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