Run Status XML

The fields in the response are:

RunThe top-level element.

One of:

  • Do Not Collate
  • Collate Results 
  • Collate And Analyze


The test ID.


The test instance ID from LoadRunner Enterprise in the Test Lab perspective.

TimeslotID The ID of the time slot.
VudsModeIf true, the test consumes Virtual User Flex Day (VUFD) licenses.
IDThe Run ID.

One of:

  • Before Collating Results
  • Before Creating Analysis Data
  • Canceled
  • Collating Results
  • Creating Analysis Data
  • Failed Collating Results
  • Failed Creating Analysis Data
  • Finished
  • Initializing
  • Pending Creating Analysis Data
  • Run Failure
  • Running
  • Stopping
DurationThe run time in minutes.

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