SaaS updates

This topic includes descriptions of new features now available to SaaS customers.


The following enhancements and new features are available with this build:

  • Usability improvements. Dozens of usability improvements are implemented across all areas of ALM Octane, making your work easier and more effective.
  • Application modules in heatmap. In the Quality By Application Module heatmap widget, you can now choose application modules and filter by application module fields.
  • Edit manual test steps during execution. You can now edit manual run step descriptions during execution, and choose whether to apply changes to the test as well.
  • Manual Runner defects inherit run's fields. When you create a defect from the Manual Runner, the defect's Sprint and Milestone fields are automatically filled in based on the run's values.

  • Configuration parameter audit. Changes to configuration parameters are now included in site and shared space audits.

  • Shared space business rules. In shared space business rules, you can now define conditions based on workspace-specific fields, such as user and reference fields.

  • JDK 11 support. The plugins for Jenkins and TeamCity now support JDK 11.

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The following enhancements and new features are available with this build:

  • Features in My Work. You can now assign features to the My Work area, similar to other work items.
  • Gherkin support in TeamCity. Automated Gherkin test run injection in now supported in TeamCity.
  • Release process REST API exposed. Release process entities are now exposed in REST API as a technical preview.

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