Set up anomaly flags

Set up flags to track anomalies in your entities.


When working with ALM Octane, it is useful to find anomalies to prevent delays in the development cycle. Examples of anomalies are a defect stuck in one phase for an extended amount of time, or a backlog item assigned to an inactive user.

You can define rules that can automatically alert you about anomalies within ALM Octane entities.

You can enable flags for the following anomalies:

  • Not-run test
  • Stuck in phase
  • Many owners

You can customize the rules by defining filters, such as which entities to flag, the users to check, and the phases to check.

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Set anomaly related site parameters

ALM Octane provides several site parameters that you can use to set the frequency of anomaly checks.


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Set anomaly rules

You set up the anomaly rules in the Spaces admin area.

To configure an anomaly:

  1. In Settings > Spaces, select the shared space in which you want to define anomaly flags.

  2. In the Flag Rules tab, click + Flag Rule.
  3. Select a rule type: Not-run test, Stuck in phase, or Many Owners.
  4. Accept the default rule name or enter a custom name.
  5. Specify the entity and sub-entity to which to apply the rule.

  6. Specify a threshold. For example, for the Many Owners anomaly, indicate the number of owners that will be considered "many". For Not-run tests, you can specify the time period (months or weeks) in which the test has not been run.
  7. Define additional filters for the rule and click Add.

After admins set up the anomaly flags, users can add the Flag rules column to the entity grid. The column will display the anomaly if it is present. For details, see Track anomalies.

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