View process timelines

Use the Timeline view to gain increased visibility of your release processes and individual process flows.


With the Timeline view, you can display release processes and the process flow items in a Gantt chart.

Such a visual representation helps you analyze and compare the items' planned versus actual times against the defined process milestones. It also lets you easily identify the items that failed or are overdue.

To display the timeline, in the Processes or Process Flow grids, select Show Timeline . For details, see Views.

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Timeline elements

The following table provides an overview of the timelines' elements.

Timeline Details
Processes timeline

The release processes timeline displays the process stages of different types.

The timeline includes the following elements:

  • Timeline bars: A timeline bar represents a process stage. The bar's position and length are set according to the stage start and end dates.

    The bars are marked with different colors based on the stage type. The default stage types and their colors are the following:

    • Light blue: Plan
    • Purple: Dev
    • Blue: Test
    • Green: Deploy
    • Gray: Not defined

    Hover over a segment of the bar to view the corresponding stage's details, such as type, phase, start and end dates, as well as duration.

    Tip: You can navigate between the process stages using the tooltip bottom arrows. Click an arrow, and the bar for the next or preceding stage is highlighted. This helps you quickly navigate between the stages that are remote in the timeline, or identify the stages that overlap.

  • Timeline indicators: If a release process is aborted, the Aborted icon is displayed at the end of the aborted stage's bar.

    If a process spans the period beyond the timeline, gray arrows are displayed over the bars to the left/right of the timeline. You can use the scroll bar to navigate to the relevant period in the timeline.

  • The legend: The legend provides definitions for the stage type colors, as well as the timeline indicators.

    Note: The colors reflect the default stage types. Your admin can define new stage types by modifying the Stage Type list. For details about lists, see Lists.

Process flow timeline

The process flow timeline displays a process's items in different phases.

A timeline bar represents a separate item, such as stage, action, or quality gate. It can also represent a grouped item.

The bar's position and length are set according to the item start and end dates.

Hover over a timeline bar to view the corresponding item's details, such as phase, start and end dates, as well as duration.

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Milestones and the current date

The following table provides details about the milestone and current date indicators:

Indicator Representation
Vertical blue line

The vertical Today line along the timeline represents the current date.

For items that are in progress, the line is filling the bars (process flow timeline) or bar segments (processes timeline) with colors. As a result, the bars or the bar segments for the past periods are filled with color, and the future periods remain unfilled. This helps you easier identify items that are planned or already in progress.

Note: The bars or their segments remain unfilled if the overdue items are still in the Planned phase.


Diamonds in the timeline represent milestones. The milestone diamonds are displayed next to their associated release processes.

The timeline views display both release-related milestones and the milestones that are not associated with a specific release.

The milestone types are distinguished by the diamonds at the top of the lines:

  • A solid diamond represents a milestone the release process is assigned to.
  • An outlined diamond represents a shared milestone (cross).
  • Overlapping diamonds represent overlapping milestones.

Hover over the diamond(s) to display the milestone details.

Tip: You can assign the release process to a milestone on the Details tab.

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Timeline actions

You can perform the following actions in the process flow timeline area:

Action Method
Zoom in or out of timescale

Timescale slider or Ctrl + mouse wheel.

Display the process items details and drill down on process items Hover over the timeline bars.
Display milestone details

Hover over a diamond in the timeline.

Resize the timeline

Hover over the divider between the grid and the timeline. When the two-headed arrow cursor appears, move the divider horizontally.

If you are using a touchpad:

Action Method
Zoom in or out of timescale Two-finger pinch in or stretch out.
Scroll along the timeline Two-finger scroll.
Resize the timeline Hover over the divider and press in the touchpad's lower-left corner. Then, drag the divider to the left/right.

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