Common flows and ER diagrams

This section provides:

  • Common, end-to-end flows for working with the REST API. These flows demonstrate REST API calls that access multiple entities.

  • Entity relationship (ER) diagrams and descriptions about how the entities relate to each other. These ER diagrams are based on end-to-end flows.

Each flow includes:

  • A description of the flow.

    Unless indicated otherwise, the flow assumes the context of workspaces in an isolated space.

  • An ER diagram and a description of the diagram.

  • A list of the areas demonstrated in the flow, such as environments, defects, or CI/CD integration.

  • Key points and descriptions about the entities, relationships, and any filtering necessary for the flow.

  • In some cases, snippets of JavaScript that demonstrate relationships between, and how to access, the entities. A lik to the full source code is also provided.

For demonstration purposes, the flows and entity relationship diagrams include both public and non-public (technical preview) resources:

Public and technical preview APIs

Public APIs Technical Preview APIs

To access public resources, you do not need to send any additional headers; only the content-type header is necessary.

For a list of public, supported resources, see Supported, public resources.

Technical preview resources are subject to change until declared public. To access these resources, send requests with a header:



Matrix of ALM Octane areas described in flows

See the table for a list of flows and what ALM Octane areas covered by each flow.

  Automated tests and runs Manual tests, Gherkin tests, test suites, and runs Environments and tags CI/CD integration Backlog, stories, releases and sprints My work Defects Application modules Work items Tasks List nodes Comments and attachments Special resources
Get my new user stories for a release                      
Get opened defects that I must test for a sprint                    
Get the comments for my manual tests                    
Get and update Gherkin tests that are ready for automation                      
Get a list of planned runs for manual tests, Gherkin tests, and test suites                    
Get the environments for test results for specific releases                    
Get tagged automated tests associated with an application module                    
Get recent failed automated tests for a release                      
Get application modules whose tests recently failed                      
Get features whose automated tests recently failed                      
Get open, high-severity defects associated with any application module                      
Get closed defects associated with a failed test run                    
Get open defects associated with a successful test run                    
Report results from a pipeline to ALM Octane                        
Report results (without pipeline context) to ALM Octane                  
Get failed runs by checking the run history                     Run history
Create a manual test run                        
Create a test suite with manual and Gherkin tests                        
Plan a test suite run                        
Add "test" tasks to work items that have none                    
Mark stories done if tasks are completed                      
Mark features done if stories are completed