Overview for developers

ALM Octane's open integration lets you connect to any testing, management, Ops framework and CI system. This provides you with a solution for providing comprehensive quality.


ALM Octane is an entity-relationship application. Using the ALM Octane REST API, developers can retrieve and perform CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on the entities that are available in the ALM Octane graphical user interface. For details, see The REST API.

ALM Octane provides a built-in client that lets you make API calls from within the ALM Octane UI. For details about how to use the interactive API client, see Interactive API client.

SDKs You can also work with ALM Octane SDKs, instead of working directly with the REST API. For details, see ALM Octane SDKs.
OData for developers You can also work with ALM Octane using the OData (Open Data Protocol) OASIS standard. For details, see OData for developers.

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