Set up and manage release plans

After you set up the product backlog, use the Backlog module to manage release work plans.

Build the release backlog

Build your release backlog by assigning the existing items to releases.

You can either Use the planning board or the Planning tab, as described in the following procedure.

To assign features to a release:

  1. In the Backlog module, open the Planning tab and display the releases to plan.

    The Planning tab contains the release's planning bucket:

  2. Expand the release bucket, using the down arrow at the bottom, to view the sprint and team buckets:

    Select a specific sprint or all sprints.

  3. Drag items:

    • Into a release bucket to assign them to release without a sprint or team

    • Into team buckets to assign them to the selected sprint and team.

    Drag stories to the No team bucket to assign them to a sprint without specifying a team. Drag items to a team in the All sprints bucket to assign them to a team but not a sprint.

    Caution: Assigning a feature does not assign its user stories, quality stories, or defects.

The features, user stories, quality stories, and defects are now ready for work.

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Split unfinished features

Usually, at the end of a sprint or release period (like a push), you should close all features and user stories. If you are unable to complete all the user stories and defects, split the feature.

To split features:

  1. In the Backlog module, select the feature to split.

  2. In the toolbar, click the Split Feature button .

  3. In the Split Feature dialog, specify the details for the current feature and the new feature.

  4. If necessary, use the options to instruct ALM Octane how to resolve all open user stories and defects.

  5. Specify the number of total story points to assign to the new feature.

When you split the feature, ALM Octane creates another feature set to the New phase. ALM Octane adds the following attribute values and items to the new feature:

  • The value of any field other than the Name, Release, or Phase.

  • Tests associated with the feature

  • Attachments included in the original feature

Note: ALM Octane does not copy values of user-defined fields to the new split feature. If your feature form requires a user-defined field, you cannot use the Split Feature command. Instead, create a new feature.

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Move items to another release

Sometimes, you may need to reevaluate what content to deliver. When this happens, you may need to move stories to a different release.

You can Use the planning board or as described in the following procedure.

To move items to another release:

  1. If necessary, in the Backlog module tree, select the epic or feature to move.

  2. In the grid, select the features, user stories, quality stories, or defects.

  3. In the toolbar, click the Plan button .

  4. In the Plan Stories dialog box, reassign the feature or story to a new release, milestone, sprint, and team as necessary.

    Note: When you reassign a feature to a new release, ALM Octane assigns all unfinished stories to the new release. ALM Octane does the reassignment in the background. Continue working on other entities while ALM Octane reassigns the feature and stories.

After the reassignment, ALM Octane updates the release buckets for the previous and new releases.

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