Use the Board View

Use the Board View to manage your lifecycle and team activities in a visual way.

What is the Board View?

The Board View displays the items assigned in an interactive board. This view is available in the Team Backlog module, the Defects module, or the Features tab of the Backlog module.

Configure the board to reflect your team's workflow. Shift backlog items through the phases in the board to update their progress.

Use the Board View for both Kanban releases and Scrum releases.

Watch a slideshow on the Board View!

Customize the display of the Team Backlog Board View

The Team Backlog Board View includes columns, or lanes for each phase of the defect, quality story, or user story workflow. ALM Octane displays every item as an individual card.

In the Team Backlog Board View, if the different item types share common phases (New, In Testing, and so on), the items share a common column.

Note: The maximum number of story cards to display in the Board View is 200. If you have more than 200 cards, ALM Octane displays a warning.

To set the display:

  1. Click on a column name. ALM Octane displays the lane name as an editable field:

  2. Rename the column as needed.
  3. Right-click a column header and select Edit.

  4. In the Select Phases dialog box, set the workflow phase for user stories, quality stories, and defects.

    Note: The workflow phase name may differ from the column name. This is acceptable because you are mapping workflow phases to display phases.

    If you do not select a phase for a specific item type, that item type does not use the selected column.

    Hover over the column header to see the workflow phases for that specific column.

  5. Click OK. ALM Octane updates the Board View reflect this customization.

  6. Right-click a column and select Hide to remove the lane from the Board View.

    By default, the Deferred, Rejected, and Duplicate columns are hidden to help you focus on the areas that require action.

    Tip: To restore a column, in the toolbar click the Choose Columns button and select the columns to display.

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Set board workflow rules

When you work with the Board View, specify rules to structure your workflow, including:

A work-in-progress (WIP) limit

A per-team limit for the number of items allowed (WIP) in each metaphase and phase. Each team can have different limits for each metaphase and phase.

Cycle time limit

A per phase limit on the cycle time for an item in each phase. The cycle time is the time spent working on an item. This is the time take from when work begins on an item to when you complete it.

ALM Octane measures the cycle time as the number of days in which the item is in the In Progress or In Testing phases.

Only the team leader can set board rules. This is the ALM Octane user assigned to the leader role in the Teams tab of the Space settings.

To set board rules:

  1. At the top of the Team Backlog module, select a release and team from the drop-down lists.

  2. In the header of any Board View column, below the WIP limit indicator, hover over the displayed number:

  3. In the displayed tooltip, click the infinity symbol in the relevant field and enter a new limit.

  4. If the team violates one of the limits, ALM Octane displays an alert:

    For WIP limits

    ALM Octane displays an alert icon in the phase lane header:

    For cycle time limits
    • The Board View header displays an alert

    • The individual Board View card displays an alert with a clock icon. Hover to see details on the limit violation:

    Hover over the alert to see the details.

  5. For cycle time limits, track completion using the Control Chart widget in the Dashboard:

    Note: This widget is per release and sprint, not per team.

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Add items

Use the Board View to add items as in any other ALM Octane view.

To add items in the Board View:

In the toolbar, click the down arrow next to the + and select the type of item to add.

Also, add existing items from the release backlog or sprint backlog:

  • In the main Backlog module window, drag an item to a release bucket or sprint bucket (if necessary).

  • In the Details tab of an item, assign the item to a release and/or sprint.

  • Hover on a column in the Board View and click the Add + button. Select the item to add (defect, user story, or quality story), and name.

    To continue editing details for an item, click the entity link.

If you want to rank these items, drag and drop items within any lane to set the rank. As you move the items, ALM Octane adds or updates the number to reflect the item rank.

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