Access your assigned work

Track and update your assigned work with a personalized to-do list of work items in the My Work module.

What does the My Work module include?

The My Work module displays any of the following:

Assigned items

User stories, defects, quality stories, or tasks in the New, In Progress, or In Testing metaphases.

To see items from other metaphases, create a rule to display the items included in these phases. For details, see Set up rules.


Tests in the New, In Design, Awaiting Revision metaphases or the Requires update phase of a test awaiting automation.

Test runs

Test runs with the Planned, In Progress, or Blocked status.

Mention in comments

Any comment that mentions your ALM Octane user name. View the mentions in the Comments tab.

To receive an email each time you are mentioned in a comment, set the appropriate option in the ALM Octane settings menu. For details, see Receive notifications and emails.


Any item on which you set a Follow option. View the updated and followed options in the Notifications tab.

For details on following items, see Receive notifications and emails.

Other user items Right-click an item in the Backlog module and select Add to My Work. ALM Octane displays this item in your My Work list and lets you edit it.

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Manage your items

  1. In the top banner, click My Work.

    When an item is added to the My Work module, you receive a notification .

  2. Use the following to manage your work:

    Action How to
    Display item details

    Select an item. Then:

    • Change an item's phase

    • Update a user story, quality story, or defect description

    • Add comments

    • Run a planned test run

    Display your team members items In the Select a member drop-down list, select the team member to view. ALM Octane displays the My Work items for that team member.
    Go to item details Click the item's ID number or the item name.
    Dismiss an item

    After selecting an item, in the right pane click Dismiss. ALM Octane removes the item from the list.

    If you dismiss items from your list, they may be reassigned again in your list depending on workspace rules.

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Create a rule to assign items

By default, ALM Octane displays items in the My Work page of the owner. It is also possible to display an item in the My Work module of other users. To do this, create a rule to assign the item to these users.

To create a rule to assign items:

  1. In Settings , select the Entities tab.

  2. In the list of entities, select the entity for which you want to assign the rule.

  3. In the entity details, select the Rules tab and click +.

  4. In the Add Rule dialog, specify the rule details:

    Action tab
    • Action: Select Assign to users
    • Assign to: Select either Owner or Author
    Condition tab
    • Field: Select Phase
    • Operator: Select =
    • Phase name (unlabeled): Select the phase from the list.

For full details on working with rules, see Set up rules.

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