Run and edit manual tests in Sprinter

If you work with Sprinter, you can set up ALM Octane to edit and run your manual tests in Sprinter, rather than in the Manual Runner. For details on running manual tests in Sprinter, refer to the Sprinter Help Center.


  • Both Sprinter and ALM Octane must be on the same client machine.

  • Sprinter version 14.03 is supported.

To run and edit manual tests in Sprinter:

  1. In ALM Octane click Settings , and toggle on Use Sprinter to run manual tests.

    Tip: This capability is defined by the ENABLE_SPRINTER_USAGE site parameter. If you do not see this option, contact your site admin to enable it.

  2. When you are ready to run a manual test, click Run in ALM Octane.

    Sprinter opens automatically, and you can run the test there.

  3. The following ALM Octane actions will run a test in Sprinter: Run, Continue Run, and My Work > Run.

  4. To edit tests using Sprinter, in the Steps tab, click Edit in Sprinter .

    Sprinter opens automatically, and you can edit the test there.

Note: ALM Octane is not able to verify that Sprinter 14.03 is installed on the same machine as your ALM Octane client. If you set up the integration and are not able to edit or run manual tests using Sprinter, check if Sprinter is installed properly on the same machine as ALM Octane.

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