An application entity is a software application or program that implements a business process or function in your organization. An application entity can be made up of one or more distinct services.

When creating, searching for, or editing an application entity, enter or update information in the following sections:

  • Identity. The fundamental information that identifies the application.

  • Contacts. The key contacts and stakeholders of the application.

  • Business Environment. The critical business properties of the application.

  • Technical Environment. The technologies used in the construction of the application, connectivity to other systems, and planned disposition.

  • Budget & Resources. The nominal return, total cost of ownership, direct and indirect annual revenue, and average headcount supporting the application.

  • Service & Support. The supporting environment and quality issues.

  • Usage & Scale. The usage-based size measurements.

  • Rating. The subjective measurements that reflect the business view of the application. These measurements are relative to the overall enterprise application portfolio.

  • Score. The computed scores and adjustment factor for the total score.