Completing Surveys

After an application entity has been created, the APM analyst might request that the owner and one or more users of the application complete a survey that rates the application. As the recipient of a survey, your role becomes that of the survey respondent.

When you are a survey respondent, the following occurs:

  • An automated email message is sent to you containing a link to the survey.

  • The survey is listed in the Surveys Requiring My Input portlet on the Front Page of your shared PPM Dashboard page. If you have added a My Surveys portlet to your private PPM Dashboard page, it is also listed there. For information about these portlets, see Table B-1. Shared portlets on the Front Page PPM Dashboard page and My Surveys.

  • If you do not respond to the survey within the defined number of days (typically 3), the automated email message is sent to you again.

If you are asked to complete a survey and need the assistance of another user, you can send the survey to a different user by designating the new user as a proxy. This process is described in Sending a Survey to a Another User.