Creating Object Type Fields

You can configure each field to behave in a certain way using the Field configuration window in the Object Type window, click a field to open the Field window (see Figure 5-3. Field window). The Field window contains three tabs:

  • Attributes: Used to set basic display, edit, and requirement field properties.

  • Default: Used to set the value in the field.

  • Dependencies: Used to set clearing, display, and requirement field properties based on values in other object type fields.

From the Field window, configure whether the field:

  • Is displayed (for example, you might need to store a value for later use in commands, but do not want to clutter the package line)

  • Can be edited under different circumstances

  • Is required under different circumstances

  • Defaults to a certain value

  • Is dependent on values in other fields in the object type

    • Clear the field's value when another field changes

    • Display only when another field has a specific value

    • Required only when another field has a specific value