Overview of Configuring Releases

Setting up a successful software or application release requires a comprehensive view of the release process. Release management provides the tools for capturing the entire release process. For an overview of the items and processes involved in creating a release, see Overview of Using Release Management - Process .

Establishing a controlled release starts with creating a new release in the Release Workbench.

The following lists the sections found in the Release window:

  • General information: Includes basic information concerning the environment, such as the environment name and description. See Creating Releases .

  • Packages: Allows packages to be added to the release. See Adding Packages to Releases .

  • Requests: Allows requests to be added to the release. See Adding Requests to Releases .

  • Distributions: Creates distributions for releases. See Creating Distributions .

  • Notes: Lets you add notes to a release.

  • References: Tracks information regarding the release.