Overview of Charge Codes

This section details procedures to configure and maintain charge codes. Charge codes are entities used as links between work items and charge accounts.

In some organizations, actual time is used as information for charge-backs to an internal customer, external customer, or requestor. Time Management does not explicitly perform this charge-back or billing function. However, Time Management can specify charge codes, so that links can be created between work items and charge accounts to allow the time information to be extracted for a billing system.

Charge codes do not have hierarchical information or any dependencies. Charge codes are simply a list of values. The Charge Code window creates, views, and updates charge codes.

Note: To make new charge codes visible to a user, that user must be a member of a security group with Restrict Charge Codes to the following rules deselected in the Charge Code Rules tab in the Security Group Workbench, or that user must have the appropriate rules configured to allow access.

After selecting a time sheet line and clicking Line Details, users add charge codes to their time sheet lines on the Charge Codes/Activities tab.

Note: For resources whose time sheet policy disables entry of activities for all work item types (see Configure the Activities tab), the tab name is Charge Codes rather than Charge Codes/Activities and no section for activities is shown.

Default charge codes can be set for a time sheet line based on their configuration in work allocations, time sheet policies, and override rules. See Precedence of Setting Charge Codes.