Overview of User Data

After selecting a time sheet line and clicking Line Details, users specify values for fields on the User Data tab. You configure these custom fields as described in this section. (The user data for all the lines of a time sheet is displayed on the Additional Information tab of the time sheet.) For more information about how users complete these fields, see the Time Management User Guide.

Note: For resources whose time sheet policy disables entry of activities for all work item types (see Configure the Activities tab), the first tab name is Charge Codes rather than Charge Codes/Activities.

In the PPM Workbench, you configure the user data fields and associated validations that resources specify for their time sheet lines. For example, you might configure a field named Initiative Type that resources can optionally complete. The validation for this field could be a drop-down list with supported values of Internal and External.

For general information about configuring user data, see the Deployment Management Configuration Guide.