Creating a Purge Empty Time Sheet Report

The Purge Empty Time Sheet Lines report is available under the Administrative category by clicking Create > Report menu.

To create and submit a Purge Empty Time Sheet Lines report:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Create > Report.

    The Submit New Report page opens.

  3. From the Select Report by Category section, select Administrative from the Report Category drop-down list.

  4. Click Purge Empty Time Sheet Lines in the list.

    The Submit Report: Purge Empty Time Sheet Lines window opens.

  5. To define the report results you want, type or change information in the fields under the Report Parameters section.

    For more information, see the Report Parameters section.

  6. To run the report at a later time, on a periodic basis, or provide a brief notification when the report is finished, expand the Scheduling section, and then type or change the information in this section according to the task you want to accomplish.

  7. To add a notification that has more comprehensive features than those available with Send email to, expand the Advanced Notifications section, and then configure the advanced notification settings according to your requirement.

    For more information, see the Reports Guide and Reference.

  8. Click Submit.

    The report will run immediately, at a later time, or on a periodic basis, depending on your settings in the Scheduling section.