Introduction to Integrating PPM Requests with Service Manager Changes

The integration is enabled by a configurable Service Manager adapter file in PPM along with the request types and workflows provided by ALM, so that PPM acts as a single repository for application-related requests for change (RFCs). The adapter converts changes (tickets) in Service Manager to requests for change (RFCs), and then imports those RFCs into PPM for processing.

Conversely, using a configurable PPM adapter file that also resides in PPM, the integration can optionally update Service Manager changes based on subsequent changes made in PPM to the RFCs.

If the Service Manager adapter file and the associated PPM adapter file are both configured, such that data can be sent in both directions between Service Manager and PPM, the integration is said to be "bidirectional."

A separate adapter file is required for each mapping between a Service Manager change and a PPM request type.

ALM provides two default adapter files—a Service Manager adapter file and an associated default PPM adapter file.

The integration runs as a service in the PPM Server. As described later, the configuration of an adapter file controls various aspects of its import process.

This section describes how to configure the adapters in PPM and the Service Manager application for integration. This section is intended for Service Manager administrators or for PPM system administrators who are also familiar with Service Manager.

For information about the supported versions of Service Manager, see the System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix.

Caution: To integrate PPM requests with changes in Service Manager version 9.20, you must modify the ChangeManagement WSDL in Service Manager as described in this section. These WSDL modifications may interfere with the operation of Service Manager integrations with other products. Before integrating PPM with Service Manager version 9.20, review the WSDL modifications described in the following sections to determine whether they could affect Service Manager integrations with other products, and proceed accordingly:

The integration of PPMtasks with changes in Service Manager version 9.20, as described in Integrate PPM tasks with Service Manager RFCs, does not require changing the Service Manager WSDL.

Note: No software needs to be installed on the Service Manager server for integration with PPM. However, see the System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix.

For information about the ALM - Request for Change (RFC) request type in PPM that is used to establish integration of PPM with Service Manager, see ALM - Request for Change (RFC) Request Type.