Configuring the Service Manager Adapter Configuration File

The Service Manager adapter configuration file is an XML file in PPM that enables integration of Service Manager with PPM and converts Service Manager changes to PPM requests. The configuration file consists of the following components, each with its own attributes or properties (see Figure 4-1):

  • General settings for the adapter itself, such as its name and the name of the Service Manager application in which the changes are created.

  • Connector between Service Manager and the adapter.

  • Converter of changes in the Service Manager data model to generic requests in the PPM data model. The converter calls the scripts that define the field mapping and filter functions.

  • PPM sender, which sends the converted and filtered requests to PPM.

  • Note: If PPM is operating in a clustered server configuration, share or copy the <PPM_Home>/sdi-persistency directory and the <PPM_Home>/conf/sdi directory among all the servers in the cluster.

The following sections describe how to configure the Service Manager adapter configuration file and the scripts called by its converter, and how to modify copies of the provided files while preserving the originals.