Configuring the PPM Adapter Connector Properties

Specify the properties for the connector section of the PPM adapter configuration file as described in the table below.

Table 4-5. PPM Center adapter connector properties

Property Name


Default Value


Name of the adapter from which changes are imported into PPM as requests. Must be the same value as specified for the service-desk-application property in the Service Manager adapter (see Table 4-1).

For example:

Service Manager



PPM request type that should be created for the converted changes.

For example:

ALM - Request for Change (RFC)



Date format for the date field. Use the Java™ simple date format. For details, see the Oracle Help Center.




User name in PPM by whose credentials requests are created.

This user name must include only single-byte characters.



Password of the userName.

This password should be encrypted using the PPM script, which is located in the bin directory of the PPM Server. Encrypted passwords must be created in a CDATA section.



Field in PPM containing the Service Manager system name. This field is presented in the PPM request as the System Name field in the Service Desk Info section.



Property name of the ID field in the instance returned from the Service Manager Web service.



Field in PPM that represents the time the request was updated in PPM.



Field in PPM that represents the time the request was created in PPM.



List of PPM request status, separated by semicolons (;). Only requests with the status you specify are retrieved from PPM for processing. However, if you do not specify any status, all requests are retrieved.