Configuring Integration with QC 10.00

The procedures in this section apply to integrating PPM with QC 10.00 only. If you are integrating PPM with ALM, go to Configuring Integration with ALM 11.00 and Later.

Here are the high-level steps for configuring integration of PPM and QC 10.00.

  1. Install the latest version of the PPM-QC Integration Tool. If an earlier version of the tool was installed, uninstall it. For details, see Install the PPM-QC integration tool .

  1. Enable Web services in PPM. For details, see Enable web services.
  1. Configure a QC project for the integration. For details, see Configuring a QC Project for the Integration.

  2. Configure PPM for the integration, including specifying server configuration parameters. For details, see Configure PPM for the integration.

Optional tasks

After you have configured PPM and QC for the integration, you may want to make changes to the configuration. In this case, see Managing Existing Mappings.