User Flow

The typical flow of this integration is as follows:

  1. A PPM administrator configures the View Project Quality integration solution.

    Before project managers can use the integration, PPM administrator needs to configure the View Project Quality integration solution, including:

  2. A project manager initiates a project in PPM by using a project type that contains the QC/ALM Release Information field section, and provides deliverables to all the assigned teams. For details, see Configuring Project Types.

  3. Based on the deliverables, business analysts, development managers, and QA managers build milestones using Project Planning and Tracking (PPT) in ALM.

  1. A release manager creates a corresponding release in ALM and defines key performance indicators (KPIs) for milestones and releases.

  1. The project manager updates the PPM project by linking it to the corresponding ALM release on the Project Details page.

    For details on linking to an ALM instance, see Linking a PPM Project to an ALM Release.

  1. ALM tracks release progress against specific milestones, with KPI matrices passed back to PPM to be included in the overall project health status.

  1. Project managers and project participants view and monitor quality matrices on the Project Overview page.

    For details, see Viewing and Monitoring Project Quality Information.