Overview of the User Open Interface

PPM includes an open interface for importing information. This open interface can import user models from third-party systems, including LDAP databases, internally-developed systems, or human resources systems.

Note: When a user submits a request through the open interface, PPM saves values for fields in CODE parameter (PARAMETER COLUMN), not in MEANING (VISIBLE_PARAMETER column). This pertains to fields of the following types: Currency, Date (Long, Medium, and Short formats), Numeric, Percentage, and Radio Button.

You should periodically synchronize the user model in PPM with the authoritative data source within your company. The synchronization process involves importing user attributes of the various users into the following tables:

These interface tables are described in Open Interface Data Models. The columns that can be used when importing users are detailed in the applicable step within this section.

The User Open Interface supports:

  • Simple imports

  • LDAP imports

For information on mapping your user model, see the Resource Management User Guide. For information on user report types and running reports, see the Reports Guide and Reference.

To review the LDAP authentication process, see LDAP Authentication.

The open interface functionality expects users to input the Currency, Date, and Number fields in the standard formats (as described below) while populating the interface tables with the transactional data, regardless of the language or user locale.

Standard formats include:

  • Date: dd-mon-yyyy (for example, 15-Nov-2009)

  • Numbers: Decimal point separator is "." and thousands separator is ","

  • Currency: Enter as Standard Text Currency/Number format