Request Open Interface Overview

The open interface supports request creation. This open interface enables integration with non-PPM products. Relevant information from these products can be used to generate the appropriate request using the open interface. The open interface can also be used as a conversion mechanism to convert data from a legacy system into Demand Management during initial implementation.

Note: The Request Open Interface cannot be used to update existing requests in the PPM.

The synchronization process involves importing request attributes to the following interface tables:

The following field group interface tables may also be needed:

These interface tables are described in Open Interface Data Models. With the exception of the field group interface tables, the columns that can be used when importing requests are detailed in the appropriate step within this section.

The following figure displays the relationships between the various Request Open Interface tables. Note that the placeholder (<NAME>) represents any of the field group interface tables.

Figure 4-1. Request interface and supporting tables

For information on requests, see the Demand Management Configuration Guide and Demand Management User Guide documents.

For information on user report types and running reports, see the Reports Guide and Reference.