Package Open Interface Overview

PPM includes an open interface for package creation and the creation of new package lines.

The Package Open Interface can be used:

  • To support site-specific customizations such as the automatic addition of package lines based on the processing of a package, or the spawning of child packages from other packages

  • As a conversion mechanism to convert data from a legacy system into Deployment Management during initial implementation

Data added to the interface tables is validated and eventually imported into standard Deployment Management tables. This generates packages and package lines that can be processed using Deployment Management.

The synchronization process involves importing package attributes into the following interface tables:

These interface tables are described in Open Interface Data Models. The columns that can be used when importing are detailed in the appropriate step within this section.

The following figure displays the relationships between the various Package Open Interface tables.

Figure 5-1. Package interface and supporting tables

For information on requests, see the Demand Management Configuration Guide and Demand Management User Guide.

Note: Integration between the products in PPM is automatic and does not require user development or user customization involving the open interface. For example, no customization work needs to be done to support the creation of Deployment Management packages from Demand Management requests.

This does assume that the relevant workflows and request types exist.