Used to gather transaction details for any given package line in Deployment Management. Contains columns to display the current status of a step, how long that step has been in the current status, whether the step is complete or resulted in an error, details about the step (source and destination environment), and other relevant details.

To relate information from this view with detail information from related packages or package lines, the report designer can use the package and package line identifiers (PACKAGE_ID and PACKAGE_LINE_ID columns) to join with other standard views such as MPKG_PACKAGES and MPKGL_PACKAGE_LINES.


A report is needed that shows the number of package lines that have had certain actions taken for each calendar week in the last month, broken down by object type, for a customer's Dev-Test-Prod workflow:

SELECT  trunc(eligible_date,'WW')                      Week,
        line_object_type                               Object_Type,
        sum(decode(action_name,'Open',1,0))            Opened,
        sum(decode(action_name,'Migrate to Test',1,0)) Into_Test,
        sum(decode(action_name,'Migrate to Prod',1,0)) Into_Prod,
        sum(decode(action_name,'Close',1,0))           Closed
FROM    mpkgl_package_line_actions
WHERE   package_workflow = 'Dev - Test - Prod'
AND     eligible_date > sysdate - 30
GROUP BY trunc(eligible_date,'WW'),

The column STATUS is the status name that is displayed for lines in the status tab of packages in the Deployment Management application. The internal code STATUS_TYPE is provided to group these status names into logical groupings.

For example, there may be many different statuses that all represent a COMPLETE status type. For example, the result value of any workflow step, such as Approved, Succeeded, Rejected, Failed QA Test.

While STATUS may have many different possible values, STATUS_TYPE has any of the following possible values: