View into package line transaction data. A blind query (SELECT * FROM mpkgl_package_lines;) will return one row for each package line present in the system, including closed lines. The view columns map to common package line fields like Sequence, Object Type Name, Object Revision, and App Code. There are also columns for the dates on which it was submitted, closed, or cancelled, and for each package line user data field that is defined.

The column name for each package line user data field is the same as the token name for that field.

This view does not contain an indication of workflow status. Because workflows may be branched and multiple steps might be active at one time, the workflow status is not necessarily a single piece of information that can be represented in a view column. Instead, the report designer must also reference the MPKGL_PACKAGE_LINE_ACTIONS view for workflow step statuses.


The package line ID is provided as a key column to join MPKGL_PACKAGE_LINE_ACTIONS with MPKGL_PACKAGE_LINES. For example, to list all workflow steps that a particular PPM user is eligible to act on:

SELECT p.package_number PKG_NUM,
       pl.line_number LINE_NUM, 
       pl.object_name OBJECT,
       pla.workflow_step_number STEP_NUM
FROM   mpkg_packages p,
       mpkgl_package_lines pl, 
       mwfl_step_security_users ssu, 
       mpkgl_package_line_actions pla
WHERE  pla.status_type = 'ELIGIBLE'
AND    ssu.workflow_step_id = pla.workflow_step_id
AND    ssu.username = 'FJOHNSON'
AND    pla.package_line_id = pl.package_line_id
AND    pla.package_id = p.package_id
ORDER BY 1,2,4;

The view column PACKAGE_LINE_ID was used to join MPKGL_PACKAGE_LINES with MPKGL_PACKAGE_LINE_ACTIONS. MWFL_STEP_SECURITY_USERS (see MWFL_STEP_SECURITY_GROUPS and MWFL_STEP_SECURITY_USERS) is used to determine if a specified user is authorized for a specified workflow step.