Used to get information about PPM users or security groups linked to Workflow steps.

  • MWFL_STEP_SECURITY_USERS lists all users with authority to act on a given workflow step through static security group or user linkage, as defined in the workflow step dialog in the Workflow workbench.

  • MWFL_STEP_SECURITY_GROUPS lists all security groups with authority to act on a step through static security group linkage.

These views can be useful for reporting on specific key workflow steps to show more detailed information that may not be available in the more general activity management views.


A report is needed to show all requests in Demand Management belonging to a given user who is eligible for one or more approval workflow steps. The view MWFL_WORKFLOW_STEPS can be used to show the workflow steps that are approval steps, and the view MREQ_REQUEST_ACTIONS will provide the request information for eligible steps:

SELECT ssu.username               ELIGIBLE_USER,
       ra.request_id              REQUEST_NUM,
       ra.request_workflow_step_label || ': '|| ra.action_name
       ra.duration                DAYS_ELIGIBLE
FROM   mwfl_step_security_users ssu,
       mwfl_workflow_steps ws,
       mreq_request_actions ra
WHERE  ra.status_type = 'ELIGIBLE'
AND    ws.step_type = 'Approval'
AND    ra.workflow_step_id = ws.workflow_step_id
AND    ssu.workflow_step_id = ra.workflow_step_id
ORDER BY 1,2,3,4;

In this query, the workflow step identifier WORKFLOW_STEP_ID was used to join MWFL_STEP_SECURITY_USERS with the view MREQ_REQUEST_ACTIONS, to relate request workflow step information.

Dynamic workflow step security defined by tokens is not included in these views.