Provides configuration details of workflow steps.

In some cases a report designer might need to present workflow step information in a report. The report designer can join this view with other workflow views through the key values WORKFLOW_STEP_ID and WORKFLOW_ID.

This view also includes a column for each workflow step user data field defined in the system.

Sample 1

A user data field has been defined for workflow steps to provide a categorization. This Step Category field, has a token CATEGORY. Therefore, in this view there will be a CATEGORY column:

SQL> desc mwfl_workflow_steps;

Results 1

Name                            Null?    Type
------------------------------- -------- ----
WORKFLOW_STEP                   NOT NULL VARCHAR2(80)
CATEGORY                                 VARCHAR2(200)

This type of information can be used to drive reports built using the Meta Layer.

Sample 2

To continue the example, the CATEGORY user data field has values of Normal, Test Gate, and Prod Gate to give an indication of the nature of each step. A report is needed to show if fjohnson is eligible for any Deployment Management workflow steps that are critical gateways to production (that is, in the Prod Gate category), and how long they have been eligible:

SELECT pla.package_number         PACKAGE_NUM,
       pla.line_number            LINE_NUM,
       pla.line_workflow_step_label || ': '|| pla.action_name
       pla.duration               TIME_ELIGIBLE,
       ws.workflow                WORKFLOW
FROM mwfl_step_security_users ssu, 
     mwfl_workflow_steps ws,
     mpkgl_package_line_actions pla
WHERE  pla.status_type = 'ELIGIBLE'
AND    ws.category = 'Prod Gate'
AND    ws.workflow_step_id = pla.workflow_step_id
AND    ws.workflow_step_id = ssu.workflow_step_id
AND    ssu.username = 'fjohnson';

In this example, MWFL_WORKFLOW_STEPS was joined to the view MPKGL_PACKAGE_LINE_ACTIONS with the WORKFLOW_STEP_ID column.

Additional information:

  • By default this view returns both reference and non-reference workflow steps in the system. PPM provides reference copies of some workflow steps, which are disabled and not usable by PPM transactions, and as such are rarely of reporting interest. The view column REFERENCE_FLAG can be used to filter results. To show only active, non-reference workflow steps while using the MWFL_WORKFLOW_STEPS view, include REFERENCE_FLAG = 'N' in the query.

  • The type of each workflow step is accessible through the column STEP_TYPE. The following types of workflow steps are available:

    • Condition

    • Decision

    • Execution

    • Workflow