Summarizes the number of open packages and package lines that are currently pending deployment into environments.

The deployment information is broken down into a different category for each view:

  • To see the distribution of the number of objects pending deployment across environments, use the view MPKGL_PENDING_DEPLOYMENT_BY_ENV.

  • To see the same information distributed across applications, use MPKGL_PENDING_DEPLOYMENT_BY_APP.

  • To see the same deployment information distributed across object types, use MPKGL_PENDING_DEPLOYMENT_BY_OT.


To obtain a quick look at the volume of deployments queued up at each environment defined in the system (for those with one or more pending deployments):

SELECT environment,
FROM   mpkgl_pending_deployment_by_env;

The internal ID columns for Environments and Object Types (ENVIRONMENT_ID and OBJECT_TYPE_ID) can be used to link this view with other relevant views (for example, MPKGL_PACKAGE_LINES) to provide additional information in a report built from these views.

This view will not capture processes where the package line is waiting at an approval step that fires an immediate execution step.