Used to gather information about releases in Deployment Management. Contains columns to display the current status of a release, the number of distributions that have been deployed for a release, the manager, team, and group of a release, and other information.

To relate information from this view with information from related distributions, use the release identifier RELEASE_ID to join with MREL_DISTRIBUTIONS or MREL_REFERENCES.


To show details about releases that are part of the release team FIN Apps Prod Release, including all packages by relevant releases, and their statuses:

SELECT r.release_name    RELEASE,
       r.release_status  REL_STATUS,
       p.package_number  PKG_NUMBER,
       p.package_status  PKG_STATUS
FROM   mpkg_packages p,
       mrel_references ref,
       mrel_releases r
WHERE  r.release_team = 'FIN Apps Prod Release'
AND    r.release_id = ref.release_id
AND    p.package_id = ref.referenced_package_id
ORDER BY r.release_name, p.package_number;


-------------- ------------------ --------------- -------------------
Apply to Test  Code Freeze        43002           Ready for Release
Apply to Test  Code Freeze        43005           In Progress
Apply to Test  Code Freeze        43007           Ready for Release

The column RELEASE_STATUS in MREL_RELEASES is the status displayed in the releases screen in the Deployment Management application. The RELEASE_STATUS column has the following possible values:

  • New

  • Code freeze

  • Open

  • Closed