Configuring the Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 Web Server on a Windows Server 2008 System

Note: To enable Microsoft Internet Information Services with PPM version 9.50, make sure to select Allowing double escaping as described in step 12 of the configuration process.

The Tomcat redirector plug-in DLL, isapi_redirect.dll, does not work under 64-bit mode on Windows 2008 with IIS 7.0. To successfully configure IIS 7.0 on a Windows 2008 system, you must configure the plug-in to work in 32-bit mode.

Note: The 64-bit isapi_redirect.dll file is for Windows 2003 64-bit.

To configure the Tomcat redirector plug-in DLL to run in 32-bit mode on a Windows Server 2008 system (64-bit machine):

  1. Stop the IIS 7.0 Web Server.

  2. Open Server Manager on the Microsoft IIS Web server host and make sure that the ISAPI Filters and ISAPI Extensions role services are installed.

    Note: If you must install the ISAPI Filters and ISAPI Extensions, make sure that you restart after you install these services.

  3. Start the IIS Manager.

  4. In the Advanced Settings section for the Default Application Pools, set Enable 32 bit Application to True.

  5. Configure both a file and a file.

  6. Restart the IIS service. (Restarting the Web site is not enough. You must restart World Wide Web Publishing Service from the Services management console.)

    Note: After you restart the IIS service, the ISAPI filter does not load immediately. The IIS service may require a few minutes to establish a connection with PPM. Before the connection is established, your browser may display the error message "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found. Internet Information Services (IIS)".

  7. Start the PPM Server(s).

    Caution: If your PPM instance includes multiple nodes in a cluster configuration, you must start these nodes one at a time. Make sure that you wait until each node is fully started before you start the next node.