Access Grants Required to Use Server Tools

The following table lists the names and descriptions of the three access grants that give users various levels of access to the Server Tools window.

Table 9-2. Server tools access grants

Access Grant


Sys Admin: View Server Tools

Lets the user view the Admin Tools and SQL Runner windows in read-only mode.

Sys Admin: Server Tools: Execute Admin Tools

Stop the PPM Server by using when you enable authentication with the
REMOTE_ADMIN_REQUIRE_AUTH server.conf parameter set to true, send messages through, execute administration reports in the Admin Tools window, and view the SQL Runner window in the Server Tools Workbench.

Sys Admin: Server Tools: Execute SQL Runner

Lets the user run SQL queries in the SQL Runner window and view the Admin Tools window in read-only mode.

For more information about security groups and access grants, see the Security Model Guide and Reference.