Example Migration: Extracting a Request Type

The following example shows a procedure that you can use to migrate a request type from a QA instance of PPM to a production instance.

Note: To create, submit, and process migrations, you must have the required licenses and access grants. For more information, see the Security Model Guide and Reference.

Before you perform the following steps, make sure that you have a valid user account in both the source and destination instances, and that these accounts have the same user name. When the migrator extracts an entity from the source instance, and then imports it into the destination instance, it provides your security information.

To migrate a request type:

  1. In the Package: <Package_Name> window, in the Workflow field, specify the workflow you created.

  2. In the Object Type field, type PPM Request Type Migrator.

  3. Submit the workflow.

  4. Process the workflow.

  5. Check the execution log to verify that the migration completed successfully.