Purging Stale PPM Database Data

The increasing PPM database size is starting to impact database operations and affect the overall performance of PPM. This is especially true for organizations that have been using PPM for years. PPM Purge Tool is designed to help you get rid of old unused data from PPM instances to improve system performance.

What PPM Purge Tool cannot do

If an entity is eligible for purging but has dependency on other entities that are not eligible for purging, the PPM Purge Tool cannot purge the entity. That means the tool cannot guarantee an entity eligible for purging will effectively be deleted from the system. Therefore, it is not an appropriate solution to enforce data retention policies.

Best practices

We recommend you use the PPM Purge Tool when more than half of PPM data is eligible for purging. It performs better when a large amount of data has to be purged. The more you purge, the faster the tool operates.

Why? This is determined by how the tool works: copy all data you want to keep in temporary tables, truncate all PPM data, and then restore data kept in temporary tables as PPM data. The more you purge, the less data the tool restores, and the faster it works.

How to use PPM Purge Tool