Work with tables in requests

This topic provides details on working with tables in requests.

Import data from Excel to the table

If you want to edit multiple cells in the table component, you can edit them in Microsoft Excel and then import the table component from Excel.


The Enable Import from Excel check box for the table component is checked in PPM Workbench. See Configure table component.

To import table component from Excel:

  1. Click Edit in the table component to enter Edit mode.

    The Export to Excel and Import from Excel buttons become available.

  2. Click the Export to Excel button to export the table component to an Excel file.
  3. In the downloaded file, make required changes.

    You can also add or delete lines in the downloaded file.

    • If the table component has the multi-select auto-complete-list field component type, when exported to Excel, this field is displayed as a drop-down-list field (that is because Excel does not support multi-select in drop-down-list). If this field has more than one value, you need to enter all the values (separated by semicolons) and ignore any Excel warnings about incorrect content.
    • When exporting the table component to Excel, for the drop-down list to work properly in the exported Excel, the total length of all the labels in the list (plus one character per value) cannot exceed 255 characters.
    • Applicable to 24.2 and later: If the table component contains attachments, after exported to Excel, the Attachment column in the Excel file displays the attachment names linked to the attachments in the instance.
  4. Go back to the table component, click Import from Excel and select the target Excel file. The table component is updated with the data in the Excel file.

    • When you import table component from Excel, any rules defined for the table component are ignored.
    • If the table component has the Radio buttons field component type, when imported from Excel, the values displayed in these fields are updated from "Y/N" to "Yes/No".
    • Applicable to 24.2 and later: Attachments cannot be imported from Excel. You need to add the attachments in the table component.

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Grid view

The Grid View of the table enables you to filter, sort, group, and pivot the data in the table.

Note: The Grid View of the table is read-only. If you want to edit an item, in the Seq column, click the link of the target item. You are directed to View mode with the target item automatically selected. Click the Edit button to edit the item.

To enter Grid View mode:

  1. Prerequisite: Make sure the Table Component Grid View feature toggle is turned on. For details, see Use feature toggles to turn on/off features.
  2. Click the Grid View button in the table component.

For details of using grid view, see Grid view.

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