Search requests of a specific request type

You can use the Request Browser to search for requests of a specific type and group the search results in a hierarchical tree.

To browse requests using the Request Browser:

  1. From the menu, click Open > Demand Management > Request Browser > Browse Requests.

  2. In the Request Type field, specify the request type of the requests to search for. You can only specify one request type.

  3. Specify one or more search criteria in the Request Browser List Configuration section.

    Note: You can also use the query builder to locate requests to browse. For details, see Search requests of a specific request type.

  4. In the Choose Columns for Request List section, select the columns to be included in the request pages you browse. Use the up and down arrows to the right of the Selected Columns field to change the display order of the columns.

  5. In the Choose Additional Column to Display in Request Browser Tree section, select additional columns to display in the Request Browser.

  6. In the Choose Fields to Group by in Request Browser Tree section, select up to five fields to group by requests in the Request Browser tree.

    Note: You must select at least one field.

  7. To save your search preferences, in the Save this search as field, provide a name for the search and click Save. For details, see Save searches.

  8. Click Browse.

  9. The Request Browser hierarchically groups the sets of requests by the fields you specify. You can click a group's numerical total to expand the group's request list.

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