Submitting Program Issues

Program issues are issues submit against a program directly.

Note: To submit a program issue, you must be specified as a Program Issue request type participant who can create program issues. This is set in the Request Type window from the Request Type Workbench.

Submitting program issues from Program Overview page

You can create program issues in Program Overview page only when the following requirements are met:

  • Issue health tracking is enabled in program settings.
  • Issue request type is specified in program settings.
  1. Scroll to the Issues section, and click Add above the issue table.

    The create new request page opens.

  2. Fill in the request information.
  3. Click Submit.

    The program issue of the request type specified by Issue Request Type is created and added immediately in the Issues section.

Submitting program issues from the menu bar

  1. From the menu bar, select Create > Program Issue.

  2. Provide information in all required fields and any optional information you want to associate with this issue.

    Field Name


    Summary Section


    The program associated with the issue.


    The priority of the issue. In Program Management, issues are grouped according to their assigned priority values. The values specified in the Priority field are used to calculate program health.

    Assigned To

    The resource to which the issue is assigned.


    A description of the issue.

    Issue Details Section

    Date Identified

    The calendar date on which the issue was recognized.

    Due Date

    The date by which the issue should be resolved.

    Issue Type

    The type of issue being raised.

    Detailed Description

    A detailed description of the issue.

    Proposed Solution

    The proposed solution for the issue.

    Business Function

    The business function that is affected by the issue.

    Notes Section: Add Notes

    Notes to be added on save

    Additional information to record about the program issue.

    References Section: Reference Additions

    New Reference

    Reference(s) to add to the program. See Adding Program References for more information.

  3. Click Submit.

    It begins to move along its automatically assigned workflow toward resolution.