Track or edit the project health

This section explains where to view the project healths and how to edit project overall health.

Project Healths

Project healths, including project overall health, issue health, schedule health, and cost and earned value health, are displayed in the header of the project overview page.

Project overall health, calculated as in Project Health policy.

If the project allows project participants to override the system-calculated project overall health, there is an inverted triangle beside the health status. Project participants can edit the project overall health. See Overriding Project Overall Health.

Issue health, calculated as in Issue Health Policy.

The number indicates how many active issues are logged against the project.

Schedule health, calculated as in Schedule Health policy
Cost and earned value health, calculated as in Cost and Earned Value Health Policy.

Overriding Project Overall Health

You may want to override the system-calculated project overall health for the reasons such as:

  • Project resources have fallen behind in reporting their actuals information, causing Project Management to reflect an out-of-date situation.

  • An input error by a manager on a summary task has resulted in inaccurate project health calculations.

Requirements to override project overall health

  • The option Allow project participants to override the project's calculated health is checked in Project Settings > Project Health policy.
  1. In the project header, click the triangle in the project overall health indicator. The Override Health dialog box opens.

  2. Select the desired indicator color or choose to use the calculated color.

  3. Type the date until which the override will last.

    Note: In order to successfully override the project health, you must type a date at least one day later than the current date.

  4. If necessary, provide a reason for the override in the Override Description text box.

  5. Click Done.